Trichocereus sp. – 20cm cutting from this plant


Note: this is cut to order, please allow 2 weeks for it to callous ready to be posted.

This plant originally came to me with a large bach of other small seedlings labelled as a Trichocereus pachanoi. However I’m not certain that its a pachanoi / a full pachanoi. It could be a hybrid!

The spines look very beautiful and its definitely a looker of a plant with its yellow to black tip spikes! But what’s more special about this plant is its hardiness and resistance! Unfortunately the entire bach of seedlings I got with this all died from sun burn and this was the only survivor. You can see its scars from when it was a seedling from the sunburn near the base . This is a tough plant and wears its scars with pride. If you’re after a beautiful and rugged plant I highly recommend a cutting from this one!

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