Salvia divinorum x2 different clones

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This clone is derived from a plant I raised from seed. For more information on the Salvia divinorum plants I cultivated from seed, please refer to my blog, Salvia divinorum seed project. These plants have excellent genetics and are all exceptional growers. Any plant(s) you choose from the EPN range will be an outstanding selection. I have distinguished them by number to maintain genetic separation since Salvia divinorum is known to have limited variability in its gene pool. In terms of their growth characteristics and other features, all of them are equally impressive, so there is no need to overthink your choice.

The product image displays an example plant, with many of my other plants in the background. All the plants provided are sizeable, well-established, and come supplied in a 1 liter sized pot. Each plant will be labeled, allowing you to distinguish between them, whether you receive multiple different plants or just one.

As this is an example photo to be used on multiple listings I have turned the tag around.

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I have reverted to using their original names, ‘EPN….’, as I plan to undertake more seed projects in the future and will maintain this naming sequence. Instead of unnecessarily creating unique names for each new plant, I find it more practical to stick with this existing naming convention.

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