Salvia divinorum plants – Improved genetics! – discounted


I have a small number of Salvia divinorum plants which are slightly smaller than my usual standard and / or with curved stems available. The curved stems are due to taking cuttings from branches of mother plants which were facing away from my grow lights. The branches grew curved to grow towards the lights. I’m offering these at a discounted price. All of them are still well established with a great root system and are growing well.

These Salvia divinorum plants were propagated from one of my seed raised mother plants. These new generation of Salvia divinorum grow at a faster rate with more vigour than the parent plants which produced the seeds (I cross pollinated various different clones such as ‘Wasson & Hoffman’). I’m very pleased to be able to offer these new superior Salvia divinorum genetics. If you are interested in reading about my Salvia divinorum seed project please do so on my blog here.

The product image displays an example plant, other plants for this listing will be of similar size and possibly with a curved stem too.

Availability: Out of stock

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