Psychotria ‘Nexus’ (grown in high humidity – see description)


These are grown in higher than average household humidity levels. Please ensure you have a humidity dome or similar to put your plant into after receiving it. It can be acclimatised to lower household humidity levels if you decide to.
A simple DIY humidity dome can be made by cutting off the bottom of a large water bottle and placing it over the plant. To acclimatise it to household humidity levels, every 3-4 days punch a small new hole in the bottle to slowly reduce humidity levels, please see the photos on this listing as an example. Plants are packaged in a way which maintains high humidity levels in transit but do not come with a humidity dome supplied.

Psychotria ‘Nexus’ is a hybrid of Psychotria viridis (staminate parent) and Psychotria carthagenensis (pistillate parent).

Psychotria ‘Nexus’ has a fast growth rate when compared to Psychotria viridis and is as fast or faster than Psychotria carthagenensis. Psychotria ‘Nexus’, like most tropical Psychotrias, prefers a semi-shaded spot with a moist, well-drained rich loam soil with regular fertiliser. It is reported to be cold tolerant to 0C, however I keep all my tropical plants at at-least 7C over winter.

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