Acacia courtii plant


A very rare and highly sought-after Acacia species.
Acacia courtii is commonly known as the Northern Brother wattle or North Brother. This tree belongs to the subgenus Juliflorae that is native to eastern Australia. Its distribution is very limited and found only in three localities in coastal ranges near Laurieton, NSW, where it occurs principally on rocky hillsides in dry forests and woodlands. Growing to 20 meters tall it has pendulous branches which are slender and has beautiful phyllodes.

I have a very limited number of these trees available and no more lined up once these are gone. This is the first time I’ve known them to be available in the UK, or even outside of Australia. Get them whilst you can! The plants I have available are currently 15 months old as of March 2024 and all of a similar size to the one I am holding in the product photo.

Due to the rarity and the low numbers of these I have I am limiting orders to one per person.

Out of stock

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